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About me

Natasha Pankina

I'm Natasha Pankina, and this is my project Rio De Oro. I've graduated Moscow State University as a Chemist :), but now I'm graphic designer, illustrator and beauty lover. I was born in Mongolia, raised in Ukraine and Russia, worked in China and currently live in Vietnam, enjoying amazing nature and people here.
I'm working as freelance illustrator, developing logos and design concept for businesses as well as t-shirt designs, home decoration pieces, icons for web & apps. Recently I've been focusing on developing fonts and 3D images.
Being an open minded person I usually have few hobbies at the same time, I always enjoy to try something new, enjoy to sew clothes for myself and embroider it, I like to decorate things which I use every day for enhancing mood, I'm interested in Feng Shui and positive attitude studies.

I'm open for collaborations & custom projects, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


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